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Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) & Relationship Action Plan

A Customer Relationship Manager, also known as a CRM, is a technological system used to manage your company’s database, relationships, and interactions with prospective leads and clients. A CRM helps agencies stay organized while tracking specific workflows at each stage of the sales process. The CRM system also connects advisors to their clients in an effort to streamline their processes/procedures while organizing their database to improve profitability.

A CRM is arguably one of the most crucial parts of your business. We all know that saving money is key when starting a business, and many travel advisors believe that using an excel spreadsheet, or worse – a notebook – is adequate enough to manage their database, leads, trips, payments, reminders, notes, etc.

The truth is – it’s not!

While excel sheets and such are a cost-effective, manual way to track everything, a CRM can drastically help streamline your business. It’s been proven that having your systems and processes setup properly will save you an exponential amount of time and money. There are so many different CRMs to choose from, some within the travel industry, and some generic ones as well. To find some great travel industry CRMs, check out our complimentary Travel Supplier Directory or our CRM Website.

Another great asset for your business is a Relationship Action Plan. A Relationship Action Plan is a particular workflow created to nurture your client relationships at each stage of the sale process/cycle. You should have an idea of how that looks for new leads, current clients, and future travelers. This is the time to create all necessary touchpoints (email automation, text messages, phone call tasks, etc.)

Need help creating a Relationship Action Plan?

A great place to start is with a Workflow System.

We have created a complimentary Client Template Checklist that you can download to see some of the most common templates advisors use in their travel businesses.

Not ready to create all of your own templates or maybe you just do not have the time? No problem!

We have compiled completely customizable, and ready-to-use Agency Workflow Templates that include over 100 templates to use in your business right away! This means you can use what you want and get rid of what you do not like.

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