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Social Media Strategy

Creating a social media strategy is a LOT of work, but once you get into the right flow, it becomes so much easier to manage. Before creating your social media content, you should have your Branding & Culture strategy, along with your Ideal Client figured out! The more you can speak to your brand, the more it will resonate with your target audience. Knowing your ideal client will also help you decide which social media platform you should focus on.

Your social media strategy should include:

  1. The type of content you want to post
  2. The frequency of your posting
  3. When you are posting it (social media content calendar)


The type of content you choose to distribute will be based on form and context. Form is how you want to present the content (graphics, links, images, videos, text, etc.). Context refers back to your brand and how you want your message to be received by clients – is it stiff and formal, or is it casual and funny?

Figuring out how often to post is key. You never want to overwhelm your leads/clients that they decide to unfollow you, but you also want to ensure you’re posting enough to promote engagement and providing inspiration on your social platforms.

Creating a social media content calendar based around the frequency you have chosen will help you stay on track. You can easily curate an entire week, month, or years’ worth of posts (if the content is evergreen) by scheduling everything in advance. Keep your calendar handy, look over upcoming holidays/events, and plan out your schedule. Some great ideas other advisors like to utilize for posting strategies are things like “Travel Tip Tuesday”, “Wedding Wednesday”, etc.

If you’re looking for some great tools to help create social media content, schedule and post it online, and streamline your entire process, check out these awesome resources:

  1. Canva
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Facebook (links with Instagram)
  4. Instagram (links with Facebook)
  5. Business Manager (links with Facebook & Instagram)
  6. Later
  7. PicCollage
  8. Layout
  9. iWatermark (iPhone)
  10. LightX Express
  11. Clips
  12. InShot
  13. Adobe Express


*Please note that while we offer supplier/resource suggestions for you to utilize, we do not personally or professionally endorse any particular company. Please use them at your own discretion and at your own risk.

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