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Your “WHY”

Why did you get into this business? Why are you staying up all night? Why are you working so hard to build yourself and/or your brand? Why are you pushing to be better than before?


This is a question you should ALWAYS unapologetically ask yourself when starting something new, when you’re in a rut, or when you’re not really sure if you’re on the right path.

Write a list:
Grab a sheet of paper (or Trello if you’re being tech savvy) and write 10 reasons why you became a travel advisor.

Great. Now, look at your list.

When we work with our clients to help them develop their “why”, we do it so that they remember what got them into the business in the first place. Does it make you feel good? WOW — after all this work, I sure hope it does!!

Now… Focus on your why again. Dig deeper.

Why are you REALLY doing this? There’s a reason for it. Something that truly drives you. Add another 10 reasons to your list.

After you get to this point, you’re probably noticing that it’s getting a little harder to come up with examples, and you are going to feel yourself really trying to search in your core.

Now, write 5 more reasons.

Keep this list somewhere safe. You do not have to share it with anyone. Learn to build yourself the right way and push through your goals. You’re strong, you’ve come this far, and you’re going to make it with that same drive that got you here today.

Use this list as motivation on days when you want to give up. Use this list on days where you can’t seem to find your drive to pick-up the phone and call your client. Use this list on days when you’re absolutely crushing it to keep fueling your fire!

Always remind yourself – WHY.

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