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30 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Career as a Travel Advisor


Embarking on a journey to become a travel agent is an exciting endeavor that opens doors to a world of adventure and exploration, while helping others create unforgettable memories. As the travel industry continues to evolve, aspiring travel advisors need to equip themselves with a comprehensive understanding of the profession. Whether you’re stepping into this field for the first time or considering a career change, Travel Advisor Resource Center (TARC) is here to help guide you.

In this blog, we present 30 thought-provoking questions that every prospective travel agent should ask themselves before taking the plunge. From honing your passion for travel to mastering the intricacies of itinerary planning and customer service, these questions will not only help you gauge your readiness for the role, but also provide insights into the multifaceted career of being a successful travel agent.

So, let’s dive into these questions and lay the foundation for a rewarding journey in the travel industry!

  1. What motivates me to become a travel advisor?
  2. Do I have good interpersonal and communication skills?
  3. Am I organized and detail-oriented?
  4. Can I handle the stress of dealing with unexpected travel challenges (late-night calls, different time zones, flight cancellations, itinerary changes, missed connections, etc.)?
  5. Have I researched the travel industry and its current trends?
  6. Do I have a strong understanding of different travel destinations and/or geography?
  7. Can I use technology efficiently and learn new systems?
  8. Do I effectively manage my time and prioritize tasks?
  9. Am I comfortable working on commission-based compensation where it takes time to build an income and it may not always be steady?
  10. Have I explored the earning potential of this career?
  11. Am I passionate about travel and helping others plan their trips?
  12. Do I have the patience to deal with diverse client preferences?
  13. Can I effectively market and promote travel packages and my personal services?
  14. Do I have a solid network of potential clients or ways to build one?
  15. Am I willing to continuously learn about new destinations and services?
  16. How do I currently handle customer complaints and cope with difficult situations?
  17. Can I provide exceptional customer service even under pressure?
  18. Do I have a backup plan for slow seasons or economic downturns?
  19. Have I considered the environmental and ethical impacts of travel?
  20. What are my long-term career goals as a travel advisor?
  21. Do I have the necessary business skills to manage both finances and operations?
  22. Can I maintain a work-life balance in a dynamic industry?
  23. How do I handle working remotely with different time zones and cultural norms?
  24. What strategies will I use to stand out in a competitive market?
  25. Am I comfortable negotiating deals and discounts on behalf of clients?
  26. How will I handle clients with varying budgets and preferences?
  27. How can I keep up with changing travel regulations and safety guidelines?
  28. Am I comfortable collaborating with clients remotely or virtually?
  29. How do I handle situations where clients object or want to deviate from my recommendations?
  30. Am I excited about the prospect of creating memorable travel experiences for others?


Be sure to check out the Travel Advisor Resource Center (TARC) for tools and answers to many of these questions and so much more!

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