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Accident Plan

Let’s face it, accidents happen. Your Accident Plan should help guide someone through your business processes in the unfortunate event that you might need temporary assistance and are unable to walk them through your systems due to your absence. Some things to consider when developing your plans are:


  1. Step one is to get a Back-Up Buddy if you don’t already have one!
  2. If you have a travel mentor, host agency, or franchise office that your Back-Up Buddy can reach out to in your absence, be sure to list their contact details in a safe place.
  3. Leave instructions for your Back-Up Buddy on how to setup an autoresponder for your email to notify any clients about your absence as they reach out. You should also draft an email template for your Back-Up Buddy to use so they do not have to worry about figuring out what to write. This email should include instructions for your clients on next steps so they do not panic or worry about what might happen with their trip(s).
  4. Do you have a business bank account or payroll that needs to be taken care of? Can someone access it? Make sure to leave detailed instructions for your Back-Up Buddy so your business can still run temporarily in your absence.
  5. Do you have a CRM? Provide access to your CRM with brief instructions on how to find and contact clients. You should also include a quick “how-to” guide on viewing their trips as well.


Viewing trips should include:

i. Checking for upcoming Final Payments

ii. Seeing who is currently traveling

iii. Finding the supplier(s) you booked through

iv. Watching for upcoming trips


  1. Write down your agency credentials (ex: IATA/ARC/CLIA/TRUE, and maybe your agency phone number) in case your Back-Up Buddy needs to access your client’s reservations.
  2. Make a list of any fixed and variable bills that need to be paid in your absence.


Be sure to update your Accident Plan periodically as needed as well!


*Please note that while we offer supplier/resource suggestions for you to utilize, we do not personally or professionally endorse any particular company. Please use them at your own discretion and at your own risk.

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