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Event Strategy

Hosting events and attending events are two great ways to increase your business exponentially.

Hosting an event either means that you are inviting people to attend an event that you have created, or you are sponsoring a booth (paid or complimentary) at an already existing event. This helps promote visibility of your brand, allows you to tap into other databases, and creates exposure for you to capture new leads.

Events you could attend are social gatherings, networking mixers, and even conferences. Regardless of whether you’re hosting or attending, you should have an event strategy drawn out before even signing up!

What does an event strategy look like? Great question!

For every event, you should create a marketing plan focused specifically on the event you are looking at. Here are the top 9 topics you should include within your Event Strategy Marketing Plan.

  1. Event Overview
    1. Name, Date, Location, Purpose, and Need
  2. Audience and Unique Value Proposition
  3. Marketing Ideas/Timeline
  4. Key Metrics
  5. Budgets/Costs
  6. Roles & Responsibilities
  7. Revenue Model
  8. Safety Plan
  9. Event Checklist



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