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Ideal Client

Finding your ideal client will help you with your marketing, honing in on your niche, and in making you the expert in your field. When we talk about the ideal client, we aren’t talking about the “rich lady who travels 22 times a year” – we want you to get descriptive!

By understanding who your ideal/target client is means you can easily focus on where to aim your marketing efforts, how to position your services, and how to best articulate your brand and culture strategy. You need to know who your client is, what’s important to them, and what exactly they are looking for.

Start by personifying your ideal client. Give them a name. Develop a client avatar for them. The more you can create the perfect image of this ideal client, the easier it will be. Let’s start with a few questions—

  1. Think about what they do for a living.
  2. What is their household income?
  3. What is the mix of their family demographics?
    1. Do they have kids?
    2. Are they single?
    3. Are they part of the LGBTQ+ community?
    4. Are they widowed?
  4. Where do they like to shop?
    1. Do they have a particular type of clothing or brands they are loyal to?
  5. Do they have a specific travel style?
    1. Are they first-class travelers?
    2. Do they like boutique hotels?
    3. Would they prefer family-friendly cruises?
  6. Where are they usually spending their time?
    1. Country clubs?
    2. The gym?
    3. Movie theaters or theater venues?
    4. Fine dining restaurants and wineries?
  7. How do they like to communicate?
    1. Text messaging
    2. Through social media
    3. Over the phone
    4. In-person
  8. Do they subscribe to any magazines or publications?


By narrowing all of this down, you’ll be able to easily find and target your ideal client. So many travel advisors spin their wheels trying to book every client to every destination around the world. If you can focus on your specific ideal/target client, your marketing becomes a lot more streamlined, more efficient, and much more cost-effective. You can concentrate your efforts and resources on the clients who are most likely to buy from you and the ones you most want to work with.


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