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Seller of Travel

A Seller of Travel is defined as any resident or nonresident person, firm, corporation, or business entity that offers for sale, directly or indirectly, at wholesale or retail, prearranged travel or tourist-related services for individuals or groups, through vacation or tour packages, or through vacation certificates in exchange for a fee, commission or other valuable consideration. The term includes any business entity offering membership in a travel club or travel service for an advance fee or payment, even if no travel contracts or certificates or vacation or tour packages are sold by the business entity.

In short, any Travel Advisor is a Seller of Travel and must adhere to any Sellers of Travel laws within their state, if they have them. These laws vary from state to state and are created to regulate the Seller of Travel – YOU!

If you work with a host agency, please make sure that they are carrying the proper Seller of Travel licenses, bonds, and/or waivers for you to legally transact business with them. As an independent agency, independent advisor, franchise owner, etc., you should always do your own due diligence into Seller of Travel laws. Seller of Travel laws typically affect advisors based on their state residency, as well as where their clients are located.

Violation of these state laws could result in severe penalties for each violation. To purchase a Seller of Travel license, the state typically requires an application and a bond. However, if the Travel Advisor is working under a host, franchise, or independent agency, they may be exempt from needing to purchase their own license.

It is the responsibility of the Travel Advisor to research their individual state Sellers of Travel laws to ensure compliance is met.

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