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Workflow System

In this business, efficiency is key. Creating a workflow system will help save you time from rewriting the same scripts over and over again. You will also be able to provide a seamless and similar client experience for each client. This helps ensure that you do not miss something along the way and also provides peace of mind to your travelers knowing what to expect when working with you. Without a workflow system, it is very difficult to replicate your process the same way every single time.

Workflow systems also help you stay in touch with your clients on a more regular basis. Let’s face it, travel advisors get busy running their business. Between marketing, fielding sales calls, running to events, and even traveling, it’s very easy to miss an important payment or reminder. A workflow system will help minimize mistakes, making your business more professional and much more efficient.

To create your workflows, you should grab a pen and paper and write down your entire process from start to finish. Think about when a client reaches out to you, how do you respond? Think about your follow-up strategy, think about your touchpoints. Write down EVERYTHING!

Now, go through your emails and think about how many times you re-write the same email over and over again. Those are your workflow templates. Cross-reference your workflow templates with your agency workflow and you will easily create and streamline your entire workflow system.

Need help? That is why we are here!

We have created a complimentary Client Template Checklist that you can download to see some of the most common templates advisors use in their travel business.

Not ready to create all of your own templates or maybe you just do not have the time? No problem!

We have compiled completely customizable and ready-to-use Agency Workflow Templates that include over 100 templates to use in your business right away! This means you can use what you want and get rid of what you do not like.

There are general use templates, land/cruise/air templates, group templates and much more! We’ve also provided actionable welcome emails that help build trust and authority with all of your clients. The templates can also help nurture your client’s decision-making process, depending on where they are at in the sales process, and there are templates that just help maintain relationships and touchpoints with past clients.

For another alternative, you can also download customizable workflow templates from Travel Biz Boss.

Our Agency Workflow Templates provide all of the templates listed on our complimentary Client Template Checklist.

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